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おはようございます!! 今日は国内夏日のところもあるそうですね☀️ 当館のある戸隠は今日は曇り。 時々ポツンと雨が当たるくらいです。 この冬は積雪が比較的少なく、過ごしやすかったのですが、4月に入ってから二度、雪が沢山降りましたので、結局残雪は例年通りか、むしろ少し多い中のオープンとなりました😅 しかし、このところの雨や陽気で、どんどん解けています! この分だと、近隣のミズバショウは連休に真っ盛りかな??🌸🌼

Good morning!! It seems that there are domestic summer days today too ☀️ It is cloudy today in Togakushi where this Museum is. It's raining from time to time. Snowfall was relatively low this winter,but since there was a lot of snow twice after entering in April, eventually the remaining snow was open as usual, or rather a little more 😅 However, with the recent rain and sunshine, it is melting fast!, Maybe the flowers of the nearby "MIZUBASHOU" full bloom on consecutive holidays?🌸🌼

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