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今朝の戸隠は一段と冷え込み、とても寒い朝でした❄️ ところどころに立派な霜柱ができていて、よく見ると氷のキラキラがなかなかに綺麗でした😊 そうそう、喫茶の勝手口に向かうスタッフ専用階段に、とっても可愛らしい足跡が残されていました! 霜が薄っすら張っていたためについた肉球の跡🐾🐾🐾 時々、庭で見つけた栃の実やドングリを軒先に飾っておくといつもきれいになくなっているのは、この足跡の主が持ち帰っているからですね😊 それにしても……いつもちゃんと階段を使っているのか… スタッフ専用と思っていたけれど、このコと共用の階段だったとは(笑) 息も白くて凍える朝でしたが、おかげでほっこりとした気分で迎えられた民俗館の一日の始まりでした🙂☀️ Togakushi this morning was very cold ❄️ There were splendid frost columns in some places, and if you look closely, the ice was shining and it was beautiful. Then there was a very cute footprint left on the dedicated stairs used by the cafe staff! It is the footprint of the animal that was attached because the frost was thin.🐾🐾🐾 We sometimes decorate the eaves with acorns found in the garden and various nuts. Then it's always gone, but I knew it was because the Lord of this footprint was taking home.😃 ...... I was a little surprised that this little creature uses the stairs properly ...😊 I thought this staircase was exclusively for the staff, but it was shared with this little creature (laughs) It was a white and freezing morning, but thanks to seeing this footprint, the start of the day I was greeted with a smile It was 🙂☀️

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